Farmers Blockchain Platform

Plaas Application is a mobile web application and platform that enables individual farmers or co-operatives to manage their daily farming productions and stocks on the blockchain system using various blockchain technologies.

Secure Storage

Provides people in the African agricultural sector a platform where they can store and share information about crops and animals securely

Plaas Token

Provides an online marketplace for buyers and sellers (traders) on the market who can use the native PLAAS token to remit payments.


Keeps track of a country's food security remotely through leveraging RFID information fusing it with blockchain technology.

RFID Technology

Provides information on plants and animals. Plants and animals in the platform can be tracked, and their genetic information is available to users.


Tracking and tracing origins of animals or fowl: buyers of a product or animal can be able to rely on immutable ledger accounts showing full details of the product they want to buy or sell.

Smart Contracts

Records will be kept on the ethereum blockchain, providing farmers with daily records of product transactions(buying and selling) and type of seed or animal breed performance.


Capture information in real-time (wireless sensors to be intergrated in participating fields for easy monitoring of crop activity and use of Animal Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Governance and Verifications

Governance and transparence throughout the growth of crops and animals as well as verifying product and sales of agricultural products through the use of the plaas ERC20 tokens.

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